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4 Amazing Home Decor Ideas with Wooden Art

While design minimalism is trending at its peak, nothing can beat the power of a nature-inspired interior. And for creating this natural and harmonious atmosphere, wood is an ideal choice.

The wooden art pieces display craftsmanship and artistic details, creating a distinctive yet contemporary styled décor.

Let’s learn some wonderful ideas for home décor by using wooden décor pieces:

1- Wooden Coffee Tables

Undoubtedly, coffee tables are trending. Available in multiple styles, colours, and sizes, they are ideal for living rooms, corners, drawing rooms, and walkways.

But before purchasing one, decide the look you want to achieve. You can create several themes, from traditional to contemporary styles. For the first one, you need a table with intricate details and colours. Such traditionally styled tables showcase the cultural heritage of Pakistan. However, for the latter, look for a simple yet elegant style in plain colours.

Candles, metal jars, or some crystal décor items go well with the plain coffee tables. For the traditional tables, you can put small pots of indoor plants to experience a complete natural décor.

2- Mirrors with Wooden Borders

Another idea is to accentuate your room’s décor through wooden mirrors. Rectangular, square, hexagon and many other shapes are available. You can use one big mirror to create a focal point. Or, place multiple small mirrors on a single wall to make a style statement.

Also, pay attention to the wooden borders. Borders come with intricate details and different textures. Their style and shade must complement your existing room décor.

When trying to give a formal look, opt for a golden polished border. Plain wooden textured frames leave a casual impression and are ideal for walkways and living rooms.

3- Wooden Key Holders

Wooden key holders give a two-fold experience of aesthetics and functionality. Search for the latest designs in key holders, and you will find endless options: trees, plants, houses, and whatnot.

If you don’t want to add a wooden colour to the space, you can also find wooden key holders with truck art designs. They have a beautiful combination of vibrant colours and intricate details, which adds a touch of cultural love, artistic nature, and traditional values.

4- Wooden Wall Stands

Have a look at the latest living room designs and you will notice the trending use of wooden stands. They are available in various styles, from grid-style and multi-tier to hanging and corner shelves.

You can put multiple things in it depending on its size and placement. Display your love for books by placing some good reads. Likewise, give a feel of warmth and cosiness by putting small candles, sea shells, and indoor plants.

So, whether you want to add a classic touch or showcase a luxurious feel, wooden décor items won’t disappoint you. Luckily, Treasure Bazaar offers a wide range of wooden items and truck design décor. Visit our website to redefine your living space!

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