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How to Add Truck Art Decor to Modern Interior?

Truck art, one of the identities of Pakistani culture, is full of bright colors and floral details. Due to the efforts of several Pakistani artisans, this rich art has taken its place in the modern-day interior.

The motivation behind this move is to keep it alive and get more recognition. Today, the change in canvas has made this art more visible in the form of contemporary artifacts.

If you are wondering how to incorporate truck art into the décor of your homes, keep

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes with truck art provide a two-fold experience of functionality and décor. Since they present a perfect fusion of colors and contemporary details, they enhance the look of your dressing tables. These boxes are made from aluminum, and hand-crafted artistry is present to showcase the depth and artistic details.


Truck art can also create an alluring appeal in your kitchen. Beautiful mugs with truck art details on your kitchen corner are enough to turn heads. Not only is this, but these colorful mugs also leave a lasting impression on the guests. Many cafes and restaurants use these truck art mugs and cups to reveal their Pakistani cultural theme.


Why not a serving tray when you have mugs to showcase truck art? Serving trays of various sizes are available with truck art details. These wooden trays are easy to wash and enough to give your dining table a unique look. Different shapes and designs, like squares, circles, ludo designs, and also the ones with wheels, are available, so you can have multiple options to choose from.

Bowls and Jars

Another option to bring truck art to your kitchen is using beautifully painted bowls. They are plain from the inside, and details are present on the exterior side of the bowl. What can be more exciting than serving a traditional dessert in these culturally styled bowls? And jars with truck art paintings are also available. Like the common kitchen jars, you can use them to keep spices.

Trucks and Rickshaws

A corner rack is present in every home. Small hand-painted trucks and rickshaws can enhance these racks, giving your space a culturally inspired look. You can find these décor pieces in multiple color combinations. Considering the theme of your drawing room, lounge, and bedroom, you can opt for suitable colors.

Coffee Tables

Compact coffee tables are trending these days. But the ones with intricate details oftruck art look more sophisticated compared to the plain lounge and center tables. They are made of wood and artistic details are present in multiple colors. You can use them for keeping basic things like a tissue paper box, ashtray, and magazines. Another idea is to use them for displaying small rickshaws, trucks, and lanterns. This way, you can show multiple truck art pieces in one place.

These are just a few items. Many other décor pieces like lanterns, photo frames, kettles, milk buckets, and bells are also available in this folk art. Getting all these traditional pieces and making truck art a statement of your interior is not difficult. Treasure Bazaar offers a wide range of truck art collections. View these artistic décor items to revamp the décor of your living space.

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